Top 40 Hitlist

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A new package for a new chart show on television

02/12/2009 - JIMtv, the TV station for youngsters, has launched a new chart show. Brandy produced the audio for the leaders, bumpers and trailers of the Top 40 Hitlist, the countdown of the most popular and coolest music videos.

 package for TV and radio

For the programme, we composed a 5-note logo which comes in sung and instrumental versions.

The package musically fits in perfectly with the contemporary hits without merely copying them. And it is highly functional. It is not only for television, but also for radio as the Top 40 Hitlist has been given a spot on Q-Music.

Want to hear the whole package? Check 101.

Hit Zone // CHR package

Tags: Contact FM, CHR
CONTACT FM logo244


Looking for jingles that are as memorable as the strongest hits? Imaging that’s positive, energetic and impossible not to sing along with? Hit Zone was made for you. A collection of perfect tools to reinforce your radio brand.

Hit Zone consists of 10 basic cuts, every single one of them a mini-hit on its own. Each cut was custom crafted to guarantee an optimal flow together with the contemporary chart hits. The package was custom made for Contact FM in France.

About Contact FM

Contact FM can be listened to in almost the complete region between the Île de France region (Paris) and Belgium. In the spring of 2014 the station got a new management team that chose Brandy as its imaging partner for the rebranding.


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