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Brandy welcomes 7 million new listeners

11-06-2014 - A jingle package with a European sound and a distinct Russian flavor, that's Good Vibes. Brandy produced this uniquely colored AC-package for Moscow-based Юмор FM (Humor FM).

Good Vibes consists of 9 jingles, a Top of Hour and news imaging. The sound & feel of the package was designed to match the station's playlist of both Russian AC-pop and classics from all over the world. The vocals are fresh and contemporary and feature a native Russian lead.

Юмор FM chose Brandy because of its experience in international jingle production and the company's own vision on radio imaging. The ambition to be unique is something that's deeply integrated in both our DNA.


Юмор FM is an international network that reaches 7 million listeners daily. It's on the dial in Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldavia, Belarus and Israel. The station is operated by the Russian media holding Gazprom Media that owns among others Avto Radio, NRJ & Radio Romantika and the TV-stations NTV & TNT.


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RTV Noord // Resing

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05/02/2014 - After 25 years the market leader in the north of The Netherlands has gone for a complete overhaul: fresh AC-imaging that fits the musical palette of the station.

Gertjan Van Stralen, chief Radio Noord: “RTV Noord has chosen Brandy as its audio imaging partner. The collaboration has yielded a beautiful result. Brandy is a master in the art of translating ideas and wishes into striking imaging for radio and TV”.

The musical themes are a selection of Close 2 You and Close 4 You packages, originally produced for VRT Radio 2. Brandy produced additional custom music beds, based around a new sonic logo for Radio Noord. As Gertjan Van Stralen adds: “this package of jingles, tunes and leaders really invigorates the sound of Noord.”

RTV Noord comprises of Radio Noord and TV Noord. In one go, Brandy has also updated the TV-station’s leaders with matching sound design. 


Radio Noord is the most popular radio station in the province of Groningen with nearly 600.000 inhabitants. The station focuses heavily on local content and reaches market shares of almost 30%. It’s the absolute market leader in the region, followed by Q-music.


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