Mix N Match - Vol. 2 // Hot AC package

mnm detail image

25/04/2012 - One year after its launch the Mix N Match jingle package has been considerably extended. A remarkable update, because you can’t narrow it down to a single format – just like the radio station the jingle package was produced for.

MNM is not AC, not Hot AC, not CHR... The station's offering is extremely broad and varies between all of them.
So for its styling, MNM opted for a special concept: a jingle-update with 5 new basic cuts for AC or Hot AC, and remixed versions for programmes with a CHR-flavour. Each cut comes with all possible mix-outs.


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Kickoff // Hot AC package

Tags: ONEfm, Hot AC
onefm detail image

Kickoff is the start of a renewed long-term collaboration between ONEfm and Brandy. 

This custom-made package fits perfectly with the top-rated songs in the charts. The catchy vocal melodies give the package a high sing along factor.

ONEfm is one of the strongest commercial radio brands in Switzerland. This is the fourth year in a row that ONEfm and Brandy have been working together. 

Brandy also designed the station’s visual logo.


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